Emmy-award winner Brad Holbrook

About Us

ActorsInsite provides actors with unique opportunities to be seen, connect with, and access the expertise of the industry’s leading Casting Directors, Agents, and Talent Managers.

Founded in 2012, ActorsInsite is the only online platform created for industry reps on their terms and with their feedback at every stage of development. Actors can be confident that they are connecting with industry pros in a way that is helpful and effective.

We pride ourselves in being honest, accessible, and helping our members in any way we can.

Meet Brad Holbrook

Brad has worked in video for over 30 years as an Emmy-award winning TV news anchor, TV Host, actor, audition coach and producer and now brings his expertise in video production to actors on both coasts. 

Since 2008, Brad has worked closely with actors and the acting industry as the founder of ActorIntro.com, the complete video studio for actors, creating Self-Tape Auditions, Demo Reels, Video Editing, and more. First-rate video production services at actor-friendly prices have made ActorIntro the go-to studio for New York’s performing artists, recommended by agents and managers.

In 2015 ActorIntro acquired ActorsInsite, which adds the final piece to the performer’s video puzzle: getting the work in front of the best industry professionals in the game. As a working professional actor himself, Brad is keenly aware of the challenges actors face to be seen and heard by those who can influence a career, something ActorsInsite has been meeting head-on since its inception. With ActorIntro and ActorsInsite now working side-by-side actors have an unparalleled ability to create professional video AND have it seen by top industry pros, all under one roof.

If you have any questions about ActorsInsite or ActorIntro, you can contact Brad directly at support@actorsinsite.com or (917) 692-6118.