Additional Policy

  • ActorsInsite will make its best effort to retain all profile information in its database, and provide access to same, for all current Members. However, there is no guarantee that archived feedback will be available indefinitely. Actors are thereby encouraged to copy anything they want to retain from their archived feedback and store it on their own device.
  • When a Member cancels membership they will be converted to the status of Guest.
  • ActorsInsite retains the right to delete any actor’s profile, and/or block site use by anyone, at any time, without prior notification.
  • ActorsInsite offers use of the service to non-members (Guests) as a courtesy. There is no obligation on the part of ActorsInsite to retain archived feedback of Guests in its database once that feedback has been made available to the Guest for the period of one month.
  • Feedback from our guest reviewers is strictly a private communication between the reviewer and the actor. Actors are not allowed, unless given specific permission by the guest reviewer, to quote or paraphrase any or all of the feedback written by the guest reviewer in any form, public or private.
  • Persons under the age of 18 are not eligible to use ActorsInsite at this time.
  • The invitation to submit your performance is not an audition nor does it guarantee employment or representation. ActorsInsite is intended to be used solely for educational purposes.