Meet Talent Agent Jenne Nelson!

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  • March 19, 2018 |
  • 1:38 p.m.


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Q. How do you pronounce your name and do people generally get it right without you having to tell them?  

 Its ‘Jenny’. Seldom do people get it RIGHT  but I am not the least bit offended as its happened practically my entire life. I just quickly say ‘its Jenny’ then move on.

Q.  What’s your favorite movie(s)?

  Patch Adams is always my number 1. After that, anything with Robin Williams or Julia Roberts!

Q.  How did you transition from dancing to representing actors?

A.  I danced from childhood all the way to college. Once I graduated, I knew I wasn’t really sold on the auditioning aspect of being a professional dancer so I set my sights on casting. I did several internships in various casting offices and one internship at an agency sprinkled in there. I was in between internships when someone from a former internship emailed me asking what I was doing because an agency was looking for a front desk person immediately. So I started at the front desk at Harden-Curtis and moved up to assistant, then agent, and it just seemed like to right fit of everything.

Q.  What characteristics do you admire most in the actors you like to represent?

A.  Being real people! Having hobbies and enjoying other aspects of life outside of acting and appreciating those other parts of their life. In the long run, those ‘normal people’ hobbies and experiences will actually help the acting.

Q.  What do you miss about Texas and/or Oklahoma?

A.  Queso. Simple.  (but I sometimes miss the slower pace and the openness of the land without a tall building in sight.)

                 Show Jenne your work here on Actors Insite and find out what she thinks!  And when you meet her in person, be sure to call her "Jenny"!