The Breakthrough Perspective

  • Admin |
  • March 30, 2018 |
  • 1:27 p.m.

From the other side of the casting table, here’s a peek at what the Industry Pros think of Actors Insite.  Dana Lockhart is one of the partners at BreakThrough Casting, which casts a lot of projects.  Like most casting offices they are always looking to maximize the effectiveness of discovering actors.  Actors Insite has been a “very useful tool, indeed!"

 "As a reviewer, it’s very cathartic to help an actor organize their reel.  We take it very seriously because we know the personal and professional investment that goes into making one’s acting reel.  Often when reviewing talent for projects, we wish we could offer our take on how to best capture the attention of CD’s.  

Dana Lockhart pic

At Actor’s Insite, talent ASKS for our advice and we are happy help.  Or gush!  

We utilize many online casting sites but the talent and layout of Actor’s Insite is so much better than most.  The site is intuitive and easily navigable and the talent, primarily, are pros that we have since called in for projects.

 A very useful tool, indeed!" 

Truth! -Dana Lockhart/BreakThrough Casting