How to Improve Your Chances at an Audition

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  • March 30, 2018 |
  • 2:49 p.m.

Lauren Bertoni is co-owner of Actors Comedy Studio, a refinement school that focuses on scripted comedy, audition technique, cold reading, and script analysis, in Los Angeles. Lauren is the Head of the Acting for Sitcom Program at ACS and is currently the reading coach for The Thunderman's on Nickelodeon. Along with working at ACS, she is also a Studio Teacher on set and works weekly on different T.V. projects.

Lauren studied Acting and Voice in NYC, with various teachers such as Penny Templeton, Hank Shobe, and Jane Seaman. It was then Lauren began performing Stand-up Comedy throughout New Jersey which lead to her performing Stand-up all over NYC most nights of the week.

As a comedian Lauren has been featured on E! Channels’ count down shows, specifically Forbes Celebrity Countdown, where she pokes fun of Oprah Winfrey, Bono, Johnny Depp and Keith Richards.

We asked her these 5 questions, to hear her advice on life as an actor/performer:


 1.  What have you learned about being a performer that you wish you figured out when you were first starting?

I wish someone told me when I was younger that it will take a lot longer than I anticipated in order to be successful in the entertainment industry. You need to form lasting relationships with industry professionals, which can take years, in order to book work. Along with continuing to train. Never stop training.
2.  What mistakes do you see young actors making that inhibits their success?
I see young actors having weak audition technique and script analysis skills; and thinking that it's good enough to book the job. You need to be excellent!!
3.  Is success in acting, according to your experience, something that can overcome not being born to a successful performing family? If so, how do I compete with the Mamie Gummers, Zoe Kazans and Allison Williams of the world?
Anyone can be successful in acting if you are in it for the long game and are constantly refining your skill set. If you work hard enough and are persistent you can achieve anything!
4.  I am the kind of actor that can bring a role to life after some rehearsal and direction, but I have trouble with cold read auditions.  How do I fix that?
Cold Reading and Audition technique are both separate skills that need to be developed and practiced on a weekly basis in order for you to become successful. Practice, practice, practice!
5.  How is comedic acting different from Chekov?  Am I one or the other, or can I do both?
Acting is acting. It is your job as the actor to tell the truth, whether it's a comedic scene or something from Chekov. The comedy factor is the responsibility of the writer. It's your job as the actor to be emotional, open and to tell the truth!

Lauren is available this month on Actors Insite to watch your demo reel or self-tape and give you constructive feedback.  Not to be dramatic, but this kind of information could change the course of your career!