Bi-Coastal talent agent Craig Holzberg on Getting Seen

  • Brad Holbrook |
  • May 10, 2018 |
  • 1:28 p.m.
Q.  What impresses you most about an actors demo reel or self tape?

A well thought out reel or self-tape is key.  One that represents the range and type of the actor is what I look for most.  Also that the scenes are current and in chronological order.

Q.  How can an actor stand out among all the others who are in their same “type” category?

By the work that they do and how they market their brand.  Also, how they network within the industry.

Q.  What are the rewards of being an agent?

There are many things that I find rewarding about my career as an agent but the main reward is seeing all of the hard work we do and our actors do come to fruition and pay off.  Having an actor book their first job, no matter how big or small creates a great feeling of joy and pride for the whole team!

Q.  What trends do you see in the realm of acting?

The biggest trend I see in the industry currently is the amount of work there is for diversity.  It is wonderful to see so much of this on camera and on stage.

Q.  Words of advice for an actor who wants to get on your radar?

The most important thing any actor can do to get on my radar is for me to see their work, whether it be live or on tape.

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